Features of a well built website

A website is the name commonly applied to a set of web pages hosted by the same domain name. A website needs to be well-built to attract visitors, and for a website to be termed good, it needs to have features, such as effective navigation tools, compatibility with mobile platforms, fast-loading to the internet and well-planned architecture.

For a website to be built, an HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language) is used. This is normal text surrounded by tags enclosed in brackets. It tells the browsers how to display web pages. In HTML, pages end with an “.htm” or “.html” extension, and for a website to be built using this HTML, a word processor like notepad is needed.

Basic Document in HTML

A basic document in HTML has a fixed layout and the following tags: theand its corresponding close tag. Theseandtags house all the other tags, being theandtags (which in turn house thetags), with theandtags holding the displayable information of the site.

For these web pages to be accessible to the public, they have to be hosted online; and for a website to be hosted online, a domain name like travaren.se is needed. Any domain name has to be purchased from a supplier, though some hosting companies can also sell domain names. This domain name will serve as the address of the website online.

A website built with HTML needs to be styled with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) language to look good and feel good. With CSS language, a website can be divided into sections using the


tags, eye-catching colours can be added and different font styles can be applied to the various sections of the website pages.